About The School

The aim of Scholars Home is to groom students through quality education into individuals who are spiritually, morally and ethically heads and shoulders above the crowd. The school motivates students towards the cultivation of excellence and to inculcate Indian Ethos that would virtually lead them to self-fulfilment and make them sensitive to the emerging national aspirations. Scholars Home strongly feels that child education is the only effective way of channelising young investigating minds, develop a scientific outlook and an aptitude for learning in life. Once your child is admitted in this institution, he/she actually enters in an environment which is most conducive to the flowering of all his/her capabilities and talents.

The Beginning

The school started its first academic session in April 1999 with a group of 96 students and since then it has always been on its road to success, conquering greater height every year. The school is run by an Educational society whose members are highly reputed professionals & educationists who are constantly involved in maintaining high standards of education. The managing committee lays equal emphasis on the infrastructure of the school building. The school boasts of spacious and airy classrooms, well equipped and modern science laboratories, well stocked library with audio-visual aids, computer laboratory with multimedia facility, music room, dance room etc. The school has lush green & congenial atmosphere with huge playground.

Principle's Message

Knowledge is imparted at Scholars’ Home with the sole mission of turning the tide of time to A Blissful State.

In a short span of existence we have endeavoured to give quality education to our students and bring them in a desired way of discipline through special training.

The students participation in the manifold inter-school and inter-class competitions like elocution, flower arrangement, debates, creative writing, essay writing competitions, extempore, collage competition etc. give the students an opportunity to express and channelise their innate talents and potential to their best.

The School lays great emphasis on Art, Craft and SUPW work. Students workshop in clay modelling, sand painting, tie & dye, batic work, embroidery, sketching etc. form a regular feature of the School curriculum. Art, Craft & Science Exhibition is held every year in which the students proudly display their creativity.

Training in taekwondo, sports and games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Lawn tennis, Kho-Kho, Disc throw, Shotput, Athletics, Horse riding and various other activities help in steering the students energy in the right direction for their physical development.

Parents have laid faith on us and we have agreed to share their responsibility of building their ward’s personality with moral and spiritual traits by imparting education rooted in Indian culture.

Sarita Jaiswal

School Feature

  • Scholars’ Home is a co-educational english medium school which caters to the overall growth of the students right from Playgroup to Class 12.
  • The school maintains well equipped Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories. The school library comprises of a wide range of books on various subjects, dictionaries, encyclopedias, magazines, periodicals, news papers and year books.
  • The pre-primary section has a large collection of picture books for the students to make the learning process interesting and easy for them.
  • Education is imparted with the help of Smart Class through visuals on screen, rich graphics and stereo sound in animations.
  • Health and Physical Education forms an integral part of the school’s schedule.
  • The school has qualified Physical Training Instructors for Gymnastics, Yoga and Athletics.
  • School conducts regular workshop and counselling to keep a track of the psychological and mental growth of the students.
  • Our students have been selected for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, NIFT, UPSEAT, UPTU and various other reputed engineering and medical colleges across the country.

Our Academic Programmes

English is the medium of instruction. The school lays equal stress for the teaching of Hindi and Sanskrit.

The goal of academic education is to groom citizens who are confident, responsible, sensitive and eco-friendly and also to inculcate the national spirit among the new generation. The day to day teaching and learning process is supplemented with latest mutimedia software and audio-visual aids to bring to the optimum level the student’s potential. The playway method of ‘Learning by Doing’ is adopted at the pre-primary level. The burden of books is kept to the minimum till the primary level and the learning process of the students is made easier through class demostrations of practical aspects, experiments, group discussions, excursions etc. Emphasis is laid on ‘Learning through Understanding’ of the facts. Cramming is strongly disouraged. Classroom teaching is supplemented with various science and literary competitions which gives the students the opportunity to reaveal, express and learn about life. It also helps to satiate their curiosity and eagerness to explore new frontiers. This process of self discovery is immensely satisfying to both the teachers and the taught. The school was affiliated in its first session i.e. 1999-2000 to the Council for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. The affiliation to the Council for I.S.C. Examinations, New Delhi is permanent.

Pre-Primary Section
Scholars’ Home, as the name suggests serves as a ‘Home away from home’ for the little ones who are going through their formative years of life. The children are given an ideal learning atmosphere where they are allowed to learn at their own pace A great care is taken to set up an environment for the tender minds where learning comes to them naturally. Regular activities, excursions, workshops are held for them where they are given free hand to create & experiment with new ideas under the vigilant eyes and supervision of their teachers. The teachers make good use of teaching aids like Flash Cards, Picture Chart, Blocks, Puzzles, Finger and Hand Puppets, Worksheets, Beads, etc which makes learning process easier, playful & interesting.

To prepare the students for various competitions after 10+2 and to enhance their analytical skills, the school in collaboration with FIIT JEE is running PINNACLE – Two year Integrated School Programs. PINNACLE Program prepares student for IIT-JEE and other Engineering entrance examinations along with excellence in ISC-Class XII Examinations within the school hours.

Smart class is the biggest breakthrough in the field of education after computer. It is the widest and the most comprehensive repository of the digital instruction that assist the teachers in effective teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond. The rich graphics, stereo sound in animations and virtual experiments sensitize and make learning fun and easy for the student. It helps in delivering even the abstract concepts in a manner that enables the students to grasp and understand it effortlessly.

Special attention is given to students weak in English, Maths & Science through remedial classes. Teachers are assigned the task to get down to the basic level of the students and gradually bring them up to the class level. An effort is made to build confidence in the students by keeping a close track of their progress and appreciating them at every step. Our method may not work wonders but helps in bringing commendable progress in many weak students.



The mission of Scholars’ Home is ‘Excellency in Every Field of Life’. With academic excellence our attempt is also towards all round physical, social and spiritual development of students. With this thinking, various activities and sports have been incorporated in the School curriculum. It helps in broadening the outlook and reasoning capacity of the children and inculcates in them a spirit of cooperation, tolerance and sportsmanship. The students are encouraged to participate in the following range of activities :-

  • Flower Decoration
  • Dramatics
  • Class Presentation
  • Computer Science
  • Book Binding
  • Yoga and Aerobics
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Tearing and Pasting
  • Badminton
  • Crafts of various kind
  • Taekwondo
  • Cricket
  • Oil and Fabric Painting
  • Gymnatics
  • Football
  • Music and Dance
  • Alpana and Rangoli
  • Basket Ball
  • Laboratory Workshop
  • Quiz
  • Table Tennis
  • Tailoring and Embroidery
  • Library Science
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Gardening
  • Interior Decoration
  • Hockey

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