Knowledge is imparted at Scholars’ Home with the sole mission of turning the tide of time to A Blissful State.

In a short span of existence we have endeavoured to give quality education to our students and bring them in a desired way of discipline through special training.

The students participation in the manifold inter-school and inter-class competitions like elocution, flower arrangement, debates, creative writing, essay writing competitions, extempore, collage competition etc. give the students an opportunity to express and channelise their innate talents and potential to their best.

The School lays great emphasis on Art, Craft and SUPW work. Students workshop in clay modelling, sand painting, tie & dye, batic work, embroidery, sketching etc. form a regular feature of the School curriculum. Art, Craft & Science Exhibition is held every year in which the students proudly display their creativity.

Training in taekwondo, sports and games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Lawn tennis, Kho-Kho, Disc throw, Shotput, Athletics, Horse riding and various other activities help in steering the students energy in the right direction for their physical development.

Parents have laid faith on us and we have agreed to share their responsibility of building their ward’s personality with moral and spiritual traits by imparting education rooted in Indian culture.