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The aim of Scholars Home is to groom students through quality education into individuals who are spiritually, morally and ethically heads and shoulders above the crowd. The school motivates students towards the cultivation of excellence and to inculcate Indian Ethos that would virtually lead them to self-fulfilment and make them sensitive to the emerging national aspirations. Scholars Home strongly feels that child education is the only effective way of channelising young investigating minds, develop a scientific outlook and an aptitude for learning in life. Once your child is admitted in this institution, he/she actually enters in an environment which is most conducive to the flowering of all his/her capabilities and talents.

Knowledge is imparted at Scholars’ Home with the sole mission of turning the tide of time to A Blissful State.In a short span of existence we have endeavoured to give quality education to our students and bring them in a desired way of discipline..
The goal of academic education is to groom citizens who are confident, responsible, sensitive and eco-friendly and also to inculcate the national spirit among the new generation. The day to day teaching and learning process..
Scholars’ Home is a co-educational english medium school which caters to the overall growth of the students right from Playgroup to Class 12.The school maintains well equipped Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories….

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